Welcome to the North End Organic Nursery

The North End Organic Nursery has moved!  We are now located at 3777 W. Chinden Blvd. in Garden City, the former Costume Shop.  Join us Friday, February 20th from 3-7 pm for our Grand Opening celebration!  Local beer, wine, food trucks, bounce house, giveaways and much more!  Check out our Facebook event page HERE!

We are asking for your help to bring the garden back to Garden City.

The North End Organic Nursery has relocated to the former Costume Shop on the corner of 38th St. and Chinden, along with the vacant lot immediately to the south of the building. We feel blessed and grateful to have found this new home, but we need your help to turn an old costume store and weedy ground surrounded by car lots, into a green oasis in what used to be the gardening hub of the Treasure Valley.

The name of the main street in Garden City is called Chinden Boulevard., a combination of the words, “China” and “Garden.” It’s a reference to the abundant and beautiful farms and gardens that used to occupy this area and were tended by early Chinese settlers to the Treasure Valley back in the 1800’s through the mid 20th century. In the 1950’s, many of the Chinese Gardens were bought, paved over and turned into car lots, bars and industrial businesses.

We wish to transform this small acre of concrete jungle back into a center of gardening and community. Your support of our Kickstarter will make that happen. The amount we are asking for is easily $15,000 short of what it actually cost, but we can at least get started with the amount we are asking for. Here is what the money will go towards:

-Bringing water and power to the weedy chain-linked lot behind the former costume shop, allowing it to support greenhouses and plants.

-Erecting greenhouses, digging and planting demonstration gardens.

-Building an organic cafe, community space and better teaching facilities in the current building.

-Building modifications to turn an aging retail space into a thriving garden center.

-Painting and repairing the exterior of the building and creating for a beautiful mural telling the history of the Chinese Gardens.

-Paying for the fees, permits and labor to accomplish all of the above.

We hope with all of our hearts to return your investment into this property back to you and the community tenfold, both with the rewards we are offering and the services we hope to provide— many of them completely free of charge.

Please donate what you can and share with your friends!