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The Future of NEON

Dear Friends and Customers of NEON,

Many of you have heard about the North End Organic Nursery’s big move happening this winter, or at least heard rumors about it.  We love our customers, so many of you are like family to us, and we want to update you on what is happening.

NEON is indeed moving.  Our current property on Hill Road no longer serves our needs for a multitude of reasons, and it has been sold and will be developed into very attractive residences, harmonious with the surrounding neighborhood.  The current retaining walls and buildings are in near immediate need of replacement.

After we made the decision to move very early this Spring, we found our ideal property located at 2403 W. Fairview Ave.  just west of downtown (the old Boise Marine building at 24th and Fairview, next to new West End Food Park), and still in our zip code, allowing us to maintain a bit of our “North End” roots.  The new location is just a 6 minute drive from our current location, but will be much easier to access for many of our customers.  Additionally, the new space is much bigger, better laid out, and will allow us to accomplish our dream of creating demonstration/ education gardens for the community and our community partners.  The parking lot is larger, and has a fantastic area to plant in.

This property is owned by the City of Boise, so we put together a proposal to lease and improve the property!  We were elated when we got the call that the City had approved our proposal and agreed to move forward with putting together a lease agreement/ contract.  Now it was just a waiting game.  So we waited, and waited . . .

And then we got the call.  The City had decided to put us on hold indefinitely while they courted a potential developer who seemed interested in this same property that had lain abandoned for more than 5 years.  “Can this be happening?  I thought they said we could have it?”   Denial set in, optimism took over.  “We have to move there.  It is perfect for us, and there is simply no other suitable options for us at this late date.” With encouragement from the city’s representative, we decided to stay on course but hedge our bets by exploring a plan B.  We paid the fees to continue forward and complete our Conditional Use Permit ($1,000+), and received approval.  Still no lease.

So friends, this is where we are.  Three months to move and no where to move to.  We have found a suitable, albeit smaller location for sale at 23rd and Fairview (the former Boise Pottery).  In order to occupy this property, we need to arrange for its purchase and lease back to North End Organic Nursery . . . and quick.  We are open to other location options, but would like to not stray to far from our North End roots.

We are now asking for any ideas and assistance the community has.  Our business has continued to grow, and we have no plans on closing, but we need a new home fast.

The ways in which we could use help:

1)  Pray and encourage City Council to quickly proceed forward with giving us the lease they initially agreed to.

2)  Help us find a financial partner who would be willing to purchase the Boise Pottery site and lease it back to us.

3)  Help us locate another suitable property for us to move to.

Thank you to Everyone for all of your support.  Our plan is still not to close, and with your help, we can quickly move to a new home!

Much love,

NEON owners and staff

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January 18, 2013

Greenhouse growing

Part 1 of the greenhouse growing series featuring Lindsay Schramm and Elisa Clark of the North End Organic Nursery, as featured on their weekly radio show Talk Dirt To Me Wednesday’s from 12-1pm on Radio Boise, 89.9 KRBX Caldwell.

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