Get to Know: Mortgage Lifter

Get to know tomatoes!

Today’s featured tomato is: Mortgage Lifter

Also known as radiator Charlie’s mortgage lifter, the tomato has a fun backstory of it being developed by the owner of a radiator shop located at the bottom of a steep hill in West Virginia. Over six years, he bred and developed this tomato, and sold them to customers and passersby for one dollar per plant back in the 1930s. Legend has it that he paid off his repair shops mortgage through the sale of the plants, not by fixing radiators!

Mortgage Lifter is an abundant and dependable producer of dark pink beefsteak tomatoes weighing around a pound each. We’ve been impressed at the variety’s ability to produce beautiful tomatoes under a myriad of challenging conditions. The flavor is exceptional and the large size makes them perfect for sandwiches—one slice more than covers a slice of bread!

80-90 days from transplant.