How to Manage Overgrown Tomatoes

Do as I say, not as I do. This is what happens when pruning your tomatoes is just not a thing during a super busy spring and summer. All is not lost! With some light pruning now and some more aggressive pruning in a few weeks, I still think I’m going to have a pretty awesome harvest.

Why Won’t My Green Tomatoes Turn Color?


Frustrates your tomatoes dont seem to be turning color? It’ts the heat! Find tomatoes that are finished growing and ready to turn, pick them and bring them inside and see what happens! #tomato #tomatohacks #tomatotips #ripetomatoes #gardenhacks #gardentok #northendorganicnursery #shoplocal

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Tomatoes not ripening on the vine?

Lindsay, owner of North End Organic Nursery, explains the process required for tomatoes to turn from green to red.

She also offers a surprising tip for ripening tomatoes that have already begun to change color.

Shaking Tomatoes For Better Fruit Set


Hot temperatures often mean poor fruit set. Do this simple thing every day to keep your plants producing! #northendorganicnursery #tomato #tomatoes #gardening #gardentok #gardenhack #shakeyourplants

♬ original sound – 🌵🌿Neon 🌿🌵

Are your tomato plants refusing to set fruit?

Lindsay, owner of North End Organic Nursery in Garden City Idaho, explains the pollination process required for tomato flowers to produce fruit. She also offers tips for getting the most fruit possible from your tomato plants.

It’s so easy!

Growing Great Garlic: Spring Edition

If you planted garlic this fall, I am sure it’s up and looking great right now!

Lindsay, owner of North End Organic Nursery in Garden City Idaho, explains some of the things that can be done to make sure you produce large fragrant heads of garlic for all of your fall meals.

Garlic should likely be ready to harvest in July!!

Get to Know: Hill Marmande

Get to know tomatoes!!

Today’s featured variety: Hill Marmande

Certified organic plants available at NEON, grown from seed from Snake River Seed Cooperative!

Meaty French heirloom tomato with excellent eating qualities. Superb slicer.

This is a selection of the famous French heirloom market variety done by discerning grower Kristi Appelhans. Fruits produce heavy yields of hearty, meaty fruits excellent for slicing. On the earlier side for a medium-large slicer, and mighty pretty to boot!

Get to Know: Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Get to know tomatoes!

Today’s featured variety: Aunt Ruby’s German Green

No, I know many people have an aversion to green tomatoes because they look unripe, and they fear they will not know when to harvest them… But don’t worry, it’s not that tricky. Most green tomatoes don’t stay completely green, they will turn hues of Golden and pink.

“The biggest surprise I’ve ever experienced in tomatoes,” said the late Chuck Wyatt, vintage tomato collector. Until you try it, you won’t believe a green tomato could be this good. I rate it second only to Brandywine for flavor and it is on just about everyone’s top-ten list. Oblate 12–16 oz fruits blush lightly yellow and develop an amber-pink tinge on the blossom end when ripe. Don’t allow them to get too soft before picking. The green flesh of this beefsteak is faintly marbled with pink. Flavor sweet and tart, rich and spicy.

(85 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate.

Get to Know: Mortgage Lifter

Get to know tomatoes!

Today’s featured tomato is: Mortgage Lifter

Also known as radiator Charlie’s mortgage lifter, the tomato has a fun backstory of it being developed by the owner of a radiator shop located at the bottom of a steep hill in West Virginia. Over six years, he bred and developed this tomato, and sold them to customers and passersby for one dollar per plant back in the 1930s. Legend has it that he paid off his repair shops mortgage through the sale of the plants, not by fixing radiators!

Mortgage Lifter is an abundant and dependable producer of dark pink beefsteak tomatoes weighing around a pound each. We’ve been impressed at the variety’s ability to produce beautiful tomatoes under a myriad of challenging conditions. The flavor is exceptional and the large size makes them perfect for sandwiches—one slice more than covers a slice of bread!

80-90 days from transplant.

Conditioning New Garden Soil for Planting

Lindsay Schramm, owner of North End Organic Nursery in Garden City Idaho, describes the process required to properly condition your garden soil in order to have a successful season.

Unless it’s already been premoistened, brand new garden soil needs to be slowly wetted in order to convert its nature from being hydrophobic (water repelling), into being hydrophilic (water retaining). Failure to do this can cause new plants to become instantly dehydrated and die. Once done initially, the soil will have a tendency to retain moisture and unless it is allowed to become bone dry again, re-conditioning should not be needed.

Get to Know: Pruden’s Purple

Get to know tomatoes!

Today’s featured variety: Pruden’s Purple

Spoiler alert! It’s not purple!

72 days. Vigorous indeterminate vines with potato leaf foliage produce 1 pound fruits with excellent sweet, balanced classic tomato flavor. This dark pink beefsteak tomato dates to the 19th century when “purple” was used to describe pink tomato color, long before the more recent proliferation of black and purple tomato varieties. Sometimes incorrectly listed in catalogs as being related to Brandywine, it is a comparable beefsteak type but ripens a week or two earlier and is much less finicky about growing conditions, especially less susceptible to cracking. Has some resistance to late blight.

A great choice for new gardeners looking for a dependable heirloom beefsteak tomato.

In stock now at NEON!