Growing Great Garlic: Spring Edition

If you planted garlic this fall, I am sure it’s up and looking great right now!

Lindsay, owner of North End Organic Nursery in Garden City Idaho, explains some of the things that can be done to make sure you produce large fragrant heads of garlic for all of your fall meals.

Garlic should likely be ready to harvest in July!!

Conditioning New Garden Soil for Planting

Lindsay Schramm, owner of North End Organic Nursery in Garden City Idaho, describes the process required to properly condition your garden soil in order to have a successful season.

Unless it’s already been premoistened, brand new garden soil needs to be slowly wetted in order to convert its nature from being hydrophobic (water repelling), into being hydrophilic (water retaining). Failure to do this can cause new plants to become instantly dehydrated and die. Once done initially, the soil will have a tendency to retain moisture and unless it is allowed to become bone dry again, re-conditioning should not be needed.

Grow Your Very Own Garlic!!!

It’s not quite time to plant garlic yet… That isn’t until the end of October, but we strongly suggest that you purchase your seed garlic now. Some varieties will sell out completely soon. Six different types this year!

*Remember, seed garlic must be certified for Idaho, it is illegal to buy online or non-certified seed.*

If this is your first time growing garlic you might need some helpful advice – we have the last “How to Grow Great Garlic” class of the month coming up on Saturday, September 28th at 3pm. Give us a call at (208) 389-4769 to sign up to join us!

Get Your Raised Beds Prepped for Spring!

It’s time to build and fill your raised beds!

Did you know the best time to start your garden beds is in the fall? It truly is! Building and preparing raised garden beds in the fall allows them to settle over the winter, and be ready for maximum production in the spring. Spring-filled beds are okay, but many will have issues retaining water until the soil properly settles and becomes structured.

The NorthEndOrganicNursery has bulk organic garden soil, topsoil, and compost to get your garden going! Delivery available, starting at just $35, for up to 4 yards of soil or compost, or bring your own truck or trailer and take it home today! BTW, our organic garden soil is awesome . . . nutritionally rich and pH balanced, just right for garden veggies. Delivery available Tuesday – Saturday.

We also have some really neat bed building kits and are happy to help you figure out the best situation for you!

Gardening Fail?!

Have you ever had a complete garden failure?

Sometimes even the most experienced gardener will have a plant that just does not grow according to plan, despite their very best efforts.

Watch Lindsay from North End Organic Nursery confess her latest garden fail, and maybe go to our Youtube channel ( and confess one of your own.

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