How to Grow Great Garlic

Please join us to learn how to grow great garlic. We will have certified garlic for sale and you will learn best placement, fertilizers and cultivars to plant. This will include care tips, storage, and the difference between soft and hardneck garlic.
Free but limited to 25 in person attendees – please visit the event website below to request a ticket. All classes will be live-streamed as well.
We respectfully ask that non-vaccinated attendees please wear a mask, or join us remotely on the live stream.

Are Raised Beds Better for Gardening?

Join Jamie Brennan, founder of Gold Feather Gardens, for a class about raised bed gardening. She specializes in creating kitchen gardens, aka raised bed vegetable gardens, for homeowners and businesses all around Boise. If you’re currently gardening in the ground and are frustrated by weeds, water, bugs or comfort, this class will answer all of your questions about raised bed gardening. From the type of container, its location and dimensions, to support structures, soil and irrigation, this class will cover it all. Raised beds can offer more productivity and enjoyment in the garden. Plus, installing them in the fall/winter season means that you can plant as early as February! Now’s the time to consider if raised beds can take your garden to the next level.

Class size is limited to 25 at this time – Please visit our event link below to reserve your spot.