Strawberry Moon Garden Party

The Full Moon of June is called the Strawberry Moon, because typically it indicates the height of the strawberry harvest = YUM.

Throw on your fairy wings, dust off your gnome hat, and come enjoy an enchanted themed garden party, and indulge in all things Strawberry! Music, arts and crafts, games, drinks, food, all with a strawberry twist!

Fun family-friendly free event.

Companion Planting

 Companion planting is the act of intentionally positioning certain plants near each other for the benefits they provide to each other. This may come in the form of differing nutrient needs, or their abilities to repel pests, or stimulate growth. This also includes what plants don’t make good companions!

Class will be taught by Katrina Jones, horticulturist, and certified nursery professional. She is also an advanced master food safety adviser with the University of Idaho.

Feed Your Family From the Backyard

 It is possible to grow more affordable, nutritious food than you thought possible, even in very small spaces. The first step is to figure out how much your family will need and what they like. We will determine how much to grow based on your family size & preferences, and begin creating a personalized garden plan for 2019. Taught by Ariel Agenbroad works at University of Idaho Extension, Ada County and Grow With University of Idaho Extension in Canyon County.

G & B Organics Sale!

It’s that time of year! Buy 3 get 1 free of our favorite soil amendments! We suggest using G&B organics Planting Mix as a mix-in amendment (can be used to fill garden beds, top off), and Harvest Supreme as a top dressing around veggies. Between the two of them, your garden’s soil will sing! ? mix and match. 2 ft.³ for $10.95, with the 4th one free!*

*While supplies last

Family Friendly Worm Composting

 Learn general worm composting skills and what it takes to have a worm bin in your home. These composting worms can’t handle cold temperatures, so learn how to prepare them for the fall and winter!

This is a very informational class with practical applications to re use food waste created in every home. Family friendly and very interactive.

Organic Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny says NO GMO’s!! So we are having an Easter Egg Hunt with just that in mind!!

We will have a very happy Easter Bunny in the house for photo ops on the big chair!
We will be hiding real organic eggs, and plastic eggs with organic, non GMO jelly beans around our nursery plants.

YOU MUST RSVP BY April 15 to help us get an accurate head count so we have plenty of eggs for the kids. No charge.
Please come early, we will start on time, and we hate to see kids miss out on the hunt because they were late.