Seed Starting and Organic Garden Planning

Learn what seeds need to be started indoors, and best practices for success and timing. Also, learn how to plan your garden for what you will want to grow this season, and factors you need to consider such as: soil, sun, site selection, fertility, timing and organic practices.
Free in-person and simultaneous online stream on our Facebook page.
You MUST RSVP by calling 208-389-4769 to attend in person. Thank you!!

Fall Gardening: The Best is Yet to Come!!

As cooler temperatures begin to arrive, the opportunity to grow your favorite spring crops a second time arrives… But this time even better!

Please join us for a free and informative gardening class. We will be covering how and what to grow in cool Fall months, to maximize harvest this year. Including site selection, appropriate plants and season extension techniques.

RSVP for this FREE event by calling 208-389-4769

Fall Salad Bowl Gardens

Learn to think inside the bowl for a fun and functional way to grow fall greens this season!
Ariel Agenbroad from the U of I Cooperative Extension will be leading this class. This class is free, and we will have lots of great supplies available for purchase to build your own at home!

Your Fall Pollinator Garden

Learn how to best prepare your garden for the winter so it provides shelter for the pollinating insects that call it home!
Part one of the class will meet at North End Organic Nursery to talk about how you can best put your plants to bed. Part two will be an optional garden tour!
The event is free, but you must register to attend. See website link below.

Houseplant Heroes!

Houseplants make our indoor environments better in so many ways! They clean air, provide oxygen, and have proven psychological benefits. However, we hear way too often that people love houseplants but can’t keep them alive. We will walk you through which houseplants are best for different situations, the top performers for indoor air purification, and best practices to make anyone a successful houseplant parent! FREE
Class size will be limited to 25 attendees.
TO SIGN UP please call 208-389-4769
Class will also be live-streamed on Facebook.

How to Manage Overgrown Tomatoes

Do as I say, not as I do. This is what happens when pruning your tomatoes is just not a thing during a super busy spring and summer. All is not lost! With some light pruning now and some more aggressive pruning in a few weeks, I still think I’m going to have a pretty awesome harvest.

Who Needs Space? Your Best Garden Ever in Containers!

Renting? Limited on space? Don’t want to consume your entire garden space up with a few plants? Learn which plants do better in containers, and how you can maximize any space you might have, to grow more than you would imagine you could in containers!
Free Class.
Class size will be limited to 30 attendees. Please call 208-389-4769 to reserve your spot! Class will also be live-streamed on Facebook.