Houseplant of the Week: Dracaena, The Dragon Plant

Behold! The Dracaena…

Light: Bright, indirect, or low light
Watering: Every week to two weeks
Toxic to Pets: Yes, cats and dogs

The dramatic foliage and stunning color patterns of the Dracaena make this subtropical native a popular houseplant for those looking to add a little height and style to their menagerie of indoor plants. 

The Dracaena in all its forms is not particularly when it comes to light, moisture, and humidity. And once you’ve got the hang of what this spiky-leaved beauty craves, you’ll be the master of your very own house dragon in no time!

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National Indoor Plant Week

Did you know that September 17 to September 21 is National Indoor Plant Week?! 

We’ve brought in so many beautiful new houseplants just in time to celebrate in glorious style. It is the perfect excuse to come relax in our nursery and peruse while sipping an organic coffee from the NEON Cafe.

We also received new boho bandeaus, so hurry in and grab one (or two) while they last!