How to Manage Overgrown Tomatoes

Do as I say, not as I do. This is what happens when pruning your tomatoes is just not a thing during a super busy spring and summer. All is not lost! With some light pruning now and some more aggressive pruning in a few weeks, I still think I’m going to have a pretty awesome harvest.

Grow Your Very Own Garlic!!!

It’s not quite time to plant garlic yet… That isn’t until the end of October, but we strongly suggest that you purchase your seed garlic now. Some varieties will sell out completely soon. Six different types this year!

*Remember, seed garlic must be certified for Idaho, it is illegal to buy online or non-certified seed.*

If this is your first time growing garlic you might need some helpful advice – we have the last “How to Grow Great Garlic” class of the month coming up on Saturday, September 28th at 3pm. Give us a call at (208) 389-4769 to sign up to join us!