Compost Tea is the Key!

If you haven’t started putting compost tea down on your tomatoes and peppers, now is ideal! Especially with paste tomatoes, blossom and rot can be a major bummer. We fortify our freshly made compost tea with liquid calcium, along with all of the other delicious plant tonic ingredients like: worm castings, kelp, molasses, humates, beneficial microbes, minerals, fish and more.

Our customers agree, our compost tea is a secret to an amazing and abundant vegetable garden! Only $2 per gallon. Bring your own container, or we can sell you a 2 1/2 gallon container for five dollars.

NEON Says NO to Disposable Straws!

Did you know we make all of our smoothies with certified organic fruits, juices, milks, and protein powders? Try our “Beachfront” tropical smoothie (pictured), or our “Berry Patch” superfruit berry blend smoothies. Be prepared! WE ARE DISPOSABLE STRAW FREE!! We will have stainless steel straws available for a dollar, bring your own, or be straw free in our recyclable sipping cold cups!!