Shop NEON for Your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is coming!

Is the object of your affection into houseplants more than cut flowers? How about beautiful leaf lamps or coffee? NEON has you covered!

Want your special gift hand-delivered on Valentine’s Day? We can do that too for a small fee! More house plants in pots arriving next week, stop by anytime and reserve your special gift!

Handmade Fair-Trade Lamps

The nursery is bursting with beautiful leaf lamps! These are not simply vessels to light a room, which they do beautifully… They are back lit works of art. Incredible presents for someone else or for yourself! Treasured by all who have bought them already, many of whom have now become collectors of these lovely lamps.

A stormy day feels warm and cozy by the glow of our gorgeous leaf lamps.

Come enjoy them in our free meeting space, the “Green Room”, or just stop by and grab a cuppa coffee, bring a book and relax. Great place to meet up with friends and breathe in the purified air from our hundreds of houseplants.

Not into bright colors? Our gorgeous leaf lamps come in soft neutral colors as well and add a warm natural feel to any room. New this year… A leaf lamp table!